Our Proposal

We offer modeling, simulation, design and validation prototyping for every stage in the development process of an electronic-based project — starting from its architectural conception to the complete implementation as a system. We cooperate with technology-based companies by offering qualified engineering services, which results in a flexible resource supplementation, boosting productivity when needed and shortening development cycles without increasing the payroll list.

Our Services

We design and develop electronic hardware and firmware per specifications / requirements. We also offer measurement services for concept validation, matching project needs. We can provide expertise across wide applications, including integrated logic programming (FPGA, CLPD), microcontrollers, DSP, optical-fiber cable communications (RS232 / 485, USB, ethernet, PLC), RF (WiFi, ZBee, Bluetooth, cellphone), digital design, analog design, data acquisition and processing, power systems design (DC/DC. AC/AC, DC/AC and DC/AC converters, power drives, etc.), design and simulation of magnetic components, industrial control, advanced digital control, non-linear process control, remote sensing (IoT), PCB design, dynamic process modelling and electronic systems simulations, among others.

Power Electronics
Control Systems
Hardware Design
Special Projects

Development Highlights

Electronic Vote System

MSA Electronic Vote System (2012-2013)

Plasma Sources

Plasma sources for abatement and wafer processing in the semiconductor industry.


Micro-inverters for solar photovoltaic applications for either, grid-tied or stand alone applications.

“Smart Cities” Components

“Smart cities” components, including data transport and control systems for urban lighting with embedded IEEE 802.11s WiFi meshing.

Cathodic Protection Power Supplies

Compact cathodic protection power sources for oil & gas pipelines and metallic structures, featuring closed-loop control with off-potential measuring and satellite-communications for remote SCADA surveillance and control.

Atmosphere Controllers

Atmosphere controllers for fruit ripening chambers.

Fill Level Sensors for remote containers

Remote ultrasonic level measuring using cellular network comunications too base station.

13.56MHz Power Amplifier with GaN Technology

Switching Power Amplifier for Particle Accelerator

Client: LIC – UNMDP (2016)


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